Next Steps

Wondering what your next step is? 

We’d love to help you take a step to grow toward faith or grow in faith. 

Follow Jesus

Ever wondered what it took to call yourself a Christian? It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. 

What is the Gospel

The word gospel literally means “good news.” When we say the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” we are talking about the Good News of Jesus Christ. The first four books of the New Testament are called the Gospels because they are four accounts and descriptions of the Good News of Jesus. 

Join the mission

If you are ready to get involved, there’s no better time than now. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for you to try out with no long term commitments.  

Serve with us 

One of the best ways to grow your faith is to get involved. We need lots of people to serve in kids ministry, serve in teen ministry, greet guests, play music, and run tech. There’s room for everyone.  

Even if you’re not sure about Christianity yet, we’ve got a place for you to serve. We think by serving you’ll grow. And you might discover what many others have discovered: that while you think volunteering requires something from you, it will actually do something good for you and in you. 

Join the mission. You’re invited. Sign up today. 

Invite a friend

Are you looking for ideas on how to invite your friends to church? Or wondering which events are the best ones? We have all sorts of help, just for you. 

Life is better with friends

When you discover a great new restaurant or app, what’s the first thing you do? Tell a friend. Faith is like that. It’s better with friends. Don’t keep the Good News to yourself. Text, call or invite a friend to join you for our next service. It’s always better when you explore and grow together.  

Choose community

We have groups available for everyone, in every stage of life you find yourself in. So regardless of your stage of life, there’s a group for you. 

Give generously

Whether you want to give to the church regularly, consistently, or you want to make a one-time gift, we’ll make it easy for you.

Join the generosity

For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son… (John 3:16). Here at Mission Grove, we believe just as God has shown His love through giving, we, too, are called to show our love through giving. We strive to be a generous a church that makes a difference in the community. We are so grateful to all who give, and we want to invite you to join the generosity. Using our online safe and secure online portal, you can send one-time gifts and schedule recurring giving. All gifts are tax-deductible and are solely used for the work that we believe God has called us to do in Phoenix, Arizona, and around the world.