A Church that Feels like Home

Sundays 9:00 & 10:30 AM

We desire to help every man, woman, and child experience Jesus.
This is our why. It will always be our end goal.


We are FOR you

A message from Pastor Jon Kragel

In a country that feels divided, it can be difficult to figure out who exactly is in your corner. Here at Mission Grove, we believe that God is FOR you, which means we are FOR you, and together, we can be FOR the community. No matter your age or stage in life, we desire to help every man, woman, and child experience Jesus. We are a church that feels like family, which means you are loved, and you are valued. I’m not sure what brought you to our website today, but on behalf of our community, let me say, “Welcome Home.” 

Prayer can be defined as intentionally talking with God.

Jesus is described as getting away to pray 30 times in the Gospels. Words can be expressed out loud or ideas shared in your mind. It’s not about intelligence, but persistence. It’s not about length, but love. It’s about taking a humble posture before God and taking time to build relationship with Him. It involves speaking honestly with God as well as taking time to quietly listen to what God might be speaking to your heart. Even when Jesus was busy with ministry, He always took time to stop and pray. In fact, the busier ministry got, the more time Jesus took to pray. Here at Mission Grove, we believe in the power of prayer. Do you need prayer? We’d love to come along side you and bring your requests before God together.